26.27 September 2020 - 2nd Trophy of Nations in Finale Ligure

From the first 24H in Europe in 1999, passing the Superenduro final in 2008 to the first Enduro World Series in 2013, Finale Ligure has always been at the forefront in proposing world-class events for the first time with a strong focus on the promotion of the territory.
The Enduro of Nations has been strongly desired by Enduro World Series that at Finale has found a close-knit working and organization group and a perfect territory for the development of the discipline. In fact, there are dozens of teams and thousands of athletes who go to the Finale every year to train in the winter months on the paths that have made this corner of Liguria famous all over the world. Thanks to the commitment of the Municipality of Finale Ligure and the Hotel Association, Finale is ready to write another indelible page in the history of mountain biking.

Below is the official EWS press release with statements by Ugo Frascherelli, Marco Marchese, Chris Ball and Andrea Principato.

It is with great emotion that Enduro World Series announces the return of the biggest mountain bike competition dedicated to the teams, the Nations Trophy. The "Trophy of Nations" will take place in September 2020 on the iconic paths of Finale Ligure and will be a true celebration of the discipline, with riders who will set aside individual glory in favor of teamwork and national pride. Strategy, sportiness and team spirit, will be the driving elements to achieve the best possible result for the teams, combining the results of the three components of the team. Characterized by three categories, the event will compete nations, industry and amateurs. Each category will be composed of three riders. The national teams will be composed of the first three riders of the global EWS ranking of that country and there will be both male and female teams. To contextualize, if the event had taken place in 2017, the Australian team would have been composed by Sam Hill, Jared Graves and Josh Carlson who would face Jerome Clementz, Damien Oton and Adrien Dailly of Team France. Even amateurs can enroll in teams of three without any restrictions and therefore have the opportunity to race together to face some of the most important names in mountain biking. The industry has been invited to participate with its teams, allowing mechanics and team managers to abandon the usual role and paddock for the occasion and go out on the paths to show what they are made of. The Nations Trophy will take place in Finale Ligure after the closure of the circuit with the eighth round of Zermatt, in Switzerland, and will be a stand-alone event that will not contribute to the overall rider classification.

The Nations Trophy will be part of a wider Final Outdoor Festival, FLOW, with riders and fans that will give life to an incredible race weekend and the chance to follow their country, team and teammates.

Chris Ball, Managing Director of Enduro World Series, said: "The Nations Trophy has the potential to be the most important race of the year. This is the reason why we think that Finale is the perfect destination to host this event. There is an expert organizing committee and we are certain they will do an incredible job. The riders and the public love Finale and that weekend will be a great celebration of the sport to end the 2020 season with a festival in this Reason so special for the history of the Enduro World Series. "" We are so excited to bring a team competition in the mountain bike at the highest levels.The only thought of who could race together in the national teams is incredible.It will be so interesting to see how the riders will change their strategies in a team environment: they will really have to work together if they want to do well. for amateurs - what could be better than competing on the incredible network of Finale trails with their friends and, at the same time, sharing them with the best riders in the world? This race has the potential to become one of the most exciting and interesting of the year. "

Ugo Frascherelli, mayor of Finale Ligure, commented: "There is no doubt that there is a special link between Finale Ligure and the Enduro Word Series, we are honored to have been chosen to organize the first Enduro of the Nations in 2020 and certain that will treat another great occasion for all the Finale "

Andrea Principato, president of Finale Outdoor Resort, adds "After 6 editions of the final of EWS, the bar rises again. A pleasure but also a great responsibility to be in charge of organizing the first world race for Team. Good to see that in such an event can also run amateurs with their teams. It will be a big party. "

Marco Marchese, president of the hotels and tourism association of Finale Ligure and Varigo